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Twin Cities Vinyl Crawl

TCVC unites the best record stores, restaurants, DJs, breweries and crate diggers in the Twin Cities. Bus shuttles between your favorite donut bakeries, vinyl shops and craft taprooms.




Event Highlights

Clockwerks Brewing : Fancy Jeff's Vinyl Pop Up

Pat's Tap : Brunch

Sleepy V's : Donut Specials

Solid State - Free Mystrey Pack

Are the tickets specific to a route?

Yes, you can see the routing info here. - Get your tickets here

What are the times and locations for each route?

All the routing info is here. We are running 4 routes. Two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Can I buy a ticket the day of the event?

No. The tickets are limited and the routes are fixed. Get your tickets today.

How do the record tote bags work?

Most of the totes are heavy duty canvas. The totes are free and are filled with sponsor coupons, vinyl, stickers, buttons, gift cards and discounts. Our goal is to get every passenger a tote bag.

How do I know that my bus driver is safe and certified?

All our drivers are professional commerical school bus drivers. Your safety and route accuracy are always top of mind.

Is this event family-friendly?

This event is 21+ because beer and alcohol are part of the event. You can always stay on the bus and head to the next stop if you do not drink.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no animals are allowed on the bus.

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Vinyl lovers get free bus shuttles, vinyl discounts, shirts, tote bags, beer coupons, RSD exclusives and free donuts. Tickets are $5 to ensure your spot on the bus but you get a $5 record store gift card in return.




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